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25 JANUARY, 2023
Automation and its place in digital advertising by Stéphane Allard
Digitalisation has brought on many advances across the digital advertising industry, including increasing opportunities for automation. But is automation always the best way forward?
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16 JANUARY, 2023
More than a metric: How measuring attention drives sustainability
Sustainability; the topic that’s got everyone’s attention. So what’s the industry doing about it?
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12 DECEMBER, 2022
Quality is king: Why ad UX should be top priority for advertisers
We’re in an age where user experience (UX) is paramount and low-quality ads that negatively impact UX are a big no-no.
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08 NOVEMBER, 2022
Target smarter so your ads work harder
In an age where consumers are growing increasingly savvy to how their data is being collected and used by the advertising industry; there’s a rising expectation for more relevant ads.
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