With a wealth of advertising methods available to brands it’s important to note that not all advertising experiences are created equal. When it comes to the digital world, in-feed ads provide a fantastic form of advertising that delivers strong levels of attention, engagement and offers a better, more natural experience for audiences. But, before delving into in-feed’s multitude of benefits, let's go back to basics.

What is in-feed advertising?

Essentially, in-feed advertising refers to ads that are placed within the body of written articles on media websites. They're not affiliate links or banners placed at the top, bottom or at the side of articles, nor are they pop up ads appearing anywhere on your screen, rather they are creative ads nestled comfortably in the article 'feed' itself. This in-feed placement makes for the perfect balance of being, viewable, noticeable and impactful without being intrusive, annoying or distracting. But that's just part of the reason we think they're great, here's more.

Benefits of in-feed advertising

High engagement placement

Not only are in-feed ads well balanced to create a better ad experience and protect brand safety through placement in high-quality media sites, but it's also great for audience attention and engagement. The Rules of Attention study found that ads placed in high quality editorial content attract up to 97% higher attention! 1 When audiences are engaged in high-quality content, they're more open to interacting with ads displayed within the article.

Context driven impact

IAS' The Context Effect study found a 40% increase memorability for thematically matched ads.2 Context relevance is key to effective advertising, and Invibes ensures this by displaying contextually relevant ads to the articles’ readers. Makes sense, right? We'd all find it weird if we came across an ad for a bookcase in an article about running shoes and likely wouldn't remember it – especially not for positive reasons. In-feed advertising improves ad experiences by only placing contextually relevant ads in content.

Non disruptive experience

By being non-intrusive, in-feed ads ensure that the ad creatives themselves become the disruptor rather than a jarring ad experience. This leads to more receptive engagement from audiences and creates a more positive ad and brand experience. Invibes in-feed formats are also compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads.

Next level in-feed advertising with Invibes

When it comes to innovation and ad UX, Invibes doesn’t stop there. Invibes takes things a step further to push the power of in-feed up a notch in multiple ways including:

  • An ever-expanding catalogue of 80+ innovative, high-impact engaging formats
  • Intelligent, multilevel, privacy-first smarter targeting
  • Our formats being proved to produce 4x more attention than standard display formats and 8x more than social3

And much more!

Want to explore more reasons to love in-feed and how Invibes delivers impressive campaign results by driving natural attention through innovation? Get in touch today


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