In today's highly competitive digital advertising landscape, capturing consumer attention and driving engagement is more challenging now than ever before, particularly with the on-going phase out of third-party cookies and the ad personalisation it supports. The pressure is on for brands to deliver captivating and relevant content that will stand out from the crowd and ultimately drive the best campaign results through positive attention.

Enter Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

Dynamic Creative Optimisation is a revolutionary approach that harnesses the power of AI to enable brands to maximise campaign impact and enhance user experience by displaying highly relevant, personalised ads. Here’s how it works.

Invibes’ DCO leverages a multivariate testing algorithm that considers real-time data points including device, browser, operating system, time, geography, page content, available user ID data and more. Using these combined data points Invibes’ DCO determines and displays the optimum in-feed ad that will resonate best with the user from a broad range of creative options, delivering a positive ad experience and the highest ad impact. Invibes’ DCO solution also consistently learns from the data being continually collected, enabling the algorithm to refine its understanding of how to best optimise and adapt creative displays in response to evolving trends and behaviours. This data-driven approach enables brands to regularly refine campaigns, improve results and drive continuous growth.

Benefits of DCO

Greener advertising

Much of the industry’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of advertising have also aligned with increasing efficiency, and with DCO it’s no different. Invibes’ Dynamic Creative Optimisation optimises ad delivery by selecting the best creative for each context. This works to reduce excess ad impressions, ad serves, and overall waste created through a more generic approach not powered by DCO. Invibes additionally offers brands sustainable advertising through an industry-leading carbon-neutral advertising solution, the Invibes Carbon-Neutral Label.

Maximising ad spend ROI

Allowing brands to customise ad experiences to users and deliver tailored messaging en masse empowers them to cut through the thousands – sometimes tens of thousands ­– of ads that the average consumer is exposed to daily1. By reaching consumers more effectively, brands can optimise campaign efficiency and boost ROI on ad spend - the ultimate win.

Streamlining efficiency through automation

Invibes’ DCO saves brands both time and money by automating ad selection and adaptation that would be both time consuming, resource intensive, and cost-heavy to do manually. With an ever-expanding range of high-impact in-feed formats and optional leverage of AI solutions like ChatGPT integration to generate messaging variations, Invibes’ platform has powerful capabilities to produce the optimum in-feed ad from a pool of thousands of possibilities. This automation saves time, reduces costs, and allows brands to focus on strategy and creative ideation, rather than repetitive manual tasks.

Amplifying attention and boosting business outcomes

DCO bolsters brands to boost attention and business outcomes by enabling brands to display creatives that match users’ stage in the buyer’s journey to ensure they are delivering the right message at the right time to maximise natural engagement that drives attention to meet campaign goals.

Improving ad experience to protect brand reputation

In addition, by tailoring the creative to both the context and the user, Invibes’ DCO boosts user experience by providing more relevant and less intrusive ads. This works to meet increasing consumer expectations for personalised ad relevancy as well as giving brands increased flexibility to adapt campaigns, if necessary, which in turn promotes brand likeability and positive brand perception through continued positive ad experience for consumers.

A wealth of data-driven insights

In the digital age, data is king. Harnessing DCO can provide brands with data insights built on the algorithms’ data fuelled learnings. These insights can be analysed to gain valuable information about which ad elements are most effective, which audience segments respond best to certain messages, and what optimisation strategies yield the highest returns. The analysis can then be used to inform and refine future ads and campaign strategies and messaging, empowering brands to strengthen and streamline efficiency and efficacy.

Invibes’ Dynamic Creative Optimization is a powerful tool that powers brands to serve highly relevant and engaging ads that connect with audiences on a deeper level, improving the effectiveness of ad campaigns and enhancing the overall user experience, fostering positive brand perception and loyalty. Combined with Invibes’ comprehensive offering of advanced, innovative solutions including intelligent Smart Targeting, tailored Industry Solutions, growing AI capabilities, catalogue of engaging in-feed formats, and more provides brands with a truly powerful advertising solution.

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