When it comes to tech, there is no bigger industry topic right now than AI.

At Invibes tech is the very foundation of everything we do from our intelligent targeting solutions to our ever-expanding catalogue of innovative, high-impact in-feed formats, and more. In fact, we’ve even developed our very own AI driven offerings to bolster our platform's capabilities.

We decided to sit down with a handful of our in-feed specialists for a Q&A about all things tech and AI.

AI is causing big ripples throughout the industry with a lot of divided opinion, what’s your take on AI?

We’re living in exciting technological times – the momentum that AI has been gaining recently is just the beginning. What’s most exciting about the increasing scale, availability, and accessibility of AI that we’re now seeing with the rise of tools like ChatGPT is a new creative domain where we can really let our imaginations run free in terms of what we can accomplish both on a personal and enterprise level.

Of course, this isn’t without concerns over an unknown and – for now – unregulated landscape. We should all be wary of AI doom-scenarios, but there are definitely questions around AI-ethics that require attention, and we’d do well to listen to renowned voices like Yoshua Bengio to help guide us. For instance, there are still many questions around ownership, data privacy and copyrights that need clearer definition in certain use cases.

Talking about AI would also be amiss without mentioning the need for shifts in workforces and the need for upskilling to meet the skill sets needed to interact with and build on these tools as they become more widely used, this is something that needs to be high on the agenda as a global society.

How do you see AI shaping the advertising industry and where do you see the industry in five years?

The applications of AI across the digital advertising industry are so vast. From detecting unsafe content more effectively, to enhancing keywords and category matching, even AI-based optimization of AI-generated assets, corresponding to both content, context and targeting, and then of course targeting itself: there are so many ways AI can make digital advertising better, and over the next few years it almost definitely will.

In the coming months and years we’ll likely see AI-integrated applications popping up more and more to increase the value of digital advertising for brands. However, at the end of the day, technology – including AI – is only an enabler to bring better insights and performance to the market. There’s quite a likely possibility that as AI applications gain maturity in the market and the initial excitement of AI, in digital advertising anyway, will die down. Because of this, it’s important to see AI as a tool to bolster both people and solutions to provide additional value to clients rather than seeing it as a replacement solution. And of course, we can’t lose sight of the fact that AI doesn’t make up the full picture. AI is currently getting a lot of hype as it’s having the most direct and visible impact on the industry, but there’s also a number of different technologies – like quantum computing later down the line – that will definitely play a part in shaping the future too.

Where is Invibes heading with AI?

Technology is really at the heart of who we are and what we do. Of course, as a tech company in the advertising space, we’re embracing AI to ensure we’re delivering the best advertising solution for our clients. We’ve actually been working on AI solutions for a while with our partners at ML2Grow, but some of our most recent exciting AI based additions to our offering include, a ChatGPT integration that enhances A/B testing and DCO for ad messaging and two exclusive solutions Sentiment and Topics that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning detect both content and tone of voice, improving user targeting through interests, protecting brand safety and suitability, and giving more insights to brands about their audiences.

Broadening insights for brands allows them to optimise campaigns further to maximise impact which is great. Though, from a consumer side there is always the concern of privacy which is definitely something that needs to be addressed generally wherever AI will be used. At Invibes we’re always very aware and respectful of consumer privacy. For example, we only create user profiles and look-a-like audiences with data from fully consenting users, we also use data clean rooms and follow privacy guidelines such as GDPR to ensure the privacy of users is protected.

Sustainability is and will continue to be a huge part of the industry, how do you think AI might play a part in this?

As we continue and increase our use of AI and other technologies, the environmental impact of the industry will likely actually increase. This is because AI based applications are more resource intensive, they demand more power to run which will therefore drive carbon footprints up. But that’s not to say sustainability will become a lost cause, it’ll just become even more important for everyone to focus on how to balance out the increasing demand. For example, at Invibes we’re moving towards having all of our outsourced servers where possible running on green energy to reduce our emissions impact, and we’re already a good way there. There’s also the potential in the future for AI to be able to recode to optimise itself and allow AI-based applications to run and process higher volumes of data in the most efficient way which could have a big impact.

Aside from that though, and more immediately, initiatives like our Invibes Carbon-Neutral Label that offers brands carbon-neutral advertising through carbon credits, are vital in keeping us on track to reaching our sustainability goals whilst allowing innovation to continue developing.

Any final thoughts on tech and AI in general?

Ultimately, the main takeaway for everyone is to remember that tech is still only the enabler of bringing value to industries and should be used that way. It’s a fantastic partner to human creativity, intelligence and innovation and has a great potential to work with us in tandem and enhance our capabilities. But also, it’s key to focus on utilising tech to bring the most value to clients which is how we approach tech at Invibes, rather than jumping on a bandwagon to use tech for tech’s sake.


We’re in an exciting time for technological advancements, and we’re proud to be harnessing the power of these new advancements to bring true value to our advertising offering.

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