The 1st Full-Stack In-Feed Marketplace

Exceed your objectives thanks to the Invibes in-feed

We believe that online advertising is only efficient if it is truly innovative and naturally engaging for the users.

Our vocation is capturing the willing attention of the readers of premium media brands through our in-feed format: we have developed more than 15 different advertising experiences that allow us to effectively reach the targeted audience, depending on the advertiser’s objectives.


More than 100 big brands have adopted the Invibes in-feed and they are now regularly integrating it in their digital strategy. We are building this trust by offering innovative formats that are optimized for context: content, device...


Most of the largest media groups have integrated the Invibes in-feed format into their content for the unique advertising experience provided to their readers.
Thus we ensure our advertisers a good viewability through strong reach, while strictly respecting the brand safety criteria.

Our Experts

A team of experts that live and breathe in-feed.

Invibes is a start-up of 40 passionate people, consisting of designers, developers & salespeople that work hand in hand in order to make digital advertising more innovative and better performing.

Since 2011, Invibes family keeps growing in France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, with high prospects of expanding on more and more territories.

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