High-impact advertising with
a positive impact on the planet

Invibes is on a mission to transform the advertising industry for the better by providing effective, carbon-neutral in-feed advertising.


We’re offering a unique opportunity for clients to offset the carbon footprint of their in-feed advertising campaigns by investing in renewable solar energy.

For every sustainable campaign run clients will receive a Carbon-Neutral label to promote their green investment.

The Invibes Carbon-Neutral label is a 10-year initiative to offset the carbon footprint of our in-feed advertising
campaigns by investing in solar panels across our international markets.


For more detail on how we achieve net-zero read our sustainability press release >

Although Invibes in-feed campaign emissions are already amongst some of the lowest in the industry (currently sitting at 26.1gr CO2 per 1,000 ad impressions*), compared to a number of reputable studies reporting CO2 emissions from similar campaigns being in the several hundred grams per 1,000 ad impressions, we want to do more.

To achieve the offset, Invibes calculates on a monthly basis the best-estimate carbon footprint generated by Invibes’ internal systems and end-user consumption per format, device used, network load, type of communication network and the location of the displayed ad. To reach net-zero, we will offset the carbon emissions produced by these Invibes’ advertising campaigns with solar electricity generated from our solar panel project over a period of 10 years.

*Figures calculated from Invibes campaigns run in September 2022

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