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Leave a lasting impression on consumers not the planet

Invibes is on a mission to transform the advertising industry for the better by providing effective, responsible advertising.

Thanks to Invibes’ unique ethos and infrastructure, Invibes’ in-feed campaigns have always been amongst some of the most efficient in the industry, producing 96% less CO2 than the industry average*, but why stop there?

Along with Invibes’ high-impact, low emission advertising experiences, brands now have the opportunity to bolster their campaigns with the new Invibes Responsible Ad label.

This latest initiative from Invibes, gives brands the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their campaigns by investing in eco-conscious initiatives from around the world. 

All Responsible Ad campaigns run will display the Invibes’ Responsible Ad label to help promote brands' sustainable investment to consumers. 

Responsible advertising by design

Invest in Invibes Responsible Ad campaigns and benefit from:

Unparalleled brand building experiences built for positive attention

Dynamic campaigns that resonate with consumers and uplift your brand

Efficient campaigns that generate real business outcomes

Underpinned with technology built with sustainability in mind, as verified by

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*The State of Sustainable Advertising, Scope3, December 2023 and Invibes data

*ESG Certification, Audit of the environment information system of Invibes Advertising - ESG Score


For more information see Invibes’ ESG Certification Audit