Carbon-Neutral label

High-impact advertising with a positive impact on the planet

Invibes is on a mission to transform the advertising industry for the better by providing effective, carbon-neutral in-feed advertising.

We’re offering a unique opportunity for clients to offset the carbon footprint of their in-feed advertising campaigns by investing in green initiatives across the world.

For every sustainable campaign run the Carbon-Neutral label will be displayed to promote clients' green investment.

The Invibes Carbon-Neutral label is an ongoing initiative to offset the carbon footprint of our in-feed advertising campaigns by investing in green projects all over the world.

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For more detail on how we calculate net-zero read our ESG Certification Audit Report.

Although Invibes in-feed campaign emissions already produce 96% less CO2 on average than the industry benchmark, (currently sitting at only 26.1gr CO2 per 1,000 ad impressions* compared to a number of reputable studies reporting emissions from similar campaigns being in the several hundred grams per 1,000 ad impressions) we want to do more.

To achieve the offset, Invibes uses our verified calculation, covering CO2 produced from internal systems, end-user consumption per format, device used, network load, type of communication network and the location of the displayed ad, to calculate on a monthly basis the carbon footprint generated by our campaigns. To reach net-zero, we then offset the CO2 produced against our Gold Standard certified carbon credits, which are the result of an array of lasting, sustainable initiatives from across the world.

*The Hidden Cost of Digital Advertising study, Ebiquity and Scope3, November 2022 and Invibes data