When Kris and Nicolas decided to set up Invibes in 2011, they came from outside the advertising industry. Armed with a strong conviction that brand led, user-focused advertising was the future; they developed a technology platform which delivers truly innovative and engaging ad formats.

Since its inception, Invibes’ mission has been to naturally capture the attention of readers with its in-feed format. We have developed over 80 exclusive advertising experiences, broadcasted across a powerful selection of media while using contextual and behavioral data sets to ensure the most relevant user is always in play.

In other words, we can say that Invibes provides the same type of advertising that people can see on Social platforms, but we do it in premium media contexts.

Reach, Format, and Data are the 3 key success factors that build the Invibes efficient platform.

All this is supported by strong technological assets at its core.

Since its creation, Invibes has invested each year at least 10% of its turnover in R&D.

In 2019, the company took a leap forward by acquiring 51% of ML2Grow, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence for industrial clients.

Today, the Invibes platform combines deep advertising algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

We are proud to have built the only “Connected Walled Garden” platform that combines all the advantages of both IAB Programmatic and big social platforms.

This exclusive positioning allows us to launch campaigns for the best brands in the world, partner with the most prestigious publishers, and attract top talent who enjoy working at Invibes.